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Whats happened ?

Posted: Fri Apr 12, 2019 10:36 am
by D-Tox1
Logged in today ( a new patch was installed ) and I went onto Pax Big Bang ( im Menethesus ), and when I click onto my profile it shows a character called Nnnhh with approximately 2.8 billion rep and a dexterity value of 926 !!. My 706 cols on there are not shown when I warp into a system - they appear as an unidentified planet - so I have no idea which planet is mine or empty.

Also on Permaverse ( im D-Tox there ) - Iagain it doesn't show corporate or my own colonies in system - and when I land on a corporate colony it treats me as if I was just a contractor - but you cant go into refinery. again on here im also 3 different character which switch every 5 - 10 seconds. one has zero dex - the next has 90 dex and so on and so on …. erm games kinda screwed up , oh and when u cap a planet - and exit dome to lay defences - youre stuck to biodome and cant move.

Oh - if I can keep the 926 dex character on Permaverse - would help me a lot ;)