Fresh install v1.1001 cant update or connect (win7 winXP)

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Fresh install v1.1001 cant update or connect (win7 winXP)

Post by Luxvero » Sat Feb 27, 2016 9:39 pm

GEClient.exe StarportWinXP.exe running on native win7, or winxp running inside vmware, or several attemps of compatatibility modes run the same, which is, loading the initial screen and being able to get to the New user or Login form, but New User does nothing when clicking DONE, and login screen when you hit LOGIN, only shows "Logging in..." in the text box underneath.

Neither Launcher.exe or Newlauncher.exe do anything but to hog the CPU and the white bar only shows "looking for game updates...", tried win7 and winxp also, left it for 20 minutes without change.

ive opened ports TCP/UDP ports shown here , addded firewall exceptions / turned frewall off...
strangely though even before messing with firewall settings, that windows popup asking to allow network access never appeared.

debug.log didnt change in any of these scenarios

what else should i try?
Did the game server IPs/subdomains change in a way a fresh install 1.1001 cant connect? StarportWinXP.exe is v1.1984 by the way

has the game been run on a virtual machine? which ones are reported working / not working?


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