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2019 Development

Post by Toonces » Mon Jan 06, 2020 4:48 pm

Here's a brief overview of how Starport was updated in 2019:

January & February
* All monitor resolutions supported.

* Full-screen mode on Windows 10 was fixed, and higher resolution support added.
* Escort mission credits have been increased 300%.
* Researching Environment increased effectiveness 50%.
* Pollution cap increased 50%. Arctic planet reproduction rate slightly decreased.

* New hotkey in ports, F7, re-buys last resource bought at a port.
* New command /hidenamecolor can hide your custom name text color.
* Name colors can now be bought on the Admiral's Club Page.
* Ship Status page auto-updates, no need to reload page to refresh.

* Text labels are now copiable with right-click or highlight.
* Colonies can't be renamed until 24 hours after a takeover.
* Autopilot improvements, stage 1.
* Corporations can now have user-created text mottos.

* Reduced randomness in solar fire.
* Added super solar bullets.
* Added quick buttons in ports and colonies for quicker pickups and drop-offs.
* Added colony names to invasion alert messages.

* Added button on the Mail Page for contacting the Starport Customer Support.
* New command /setrefinery 10 10 10 10 15 15 15 15 for setting harvest workforces.
* Added shields percentage indication near ship.
* Increased shield generation speed in ports 20%.

* Autopilot improvements, stage 2.
* New hotkeys in starbases, F3-F5 buys shields, etc..
* Systems with owned planets are now flagged on galaxy map.

* Added button on the Galaxy Map to show or hide flags for colony locations.

* Holdings Improvements, stage 1.

* Holdings Improvements, stage 2.
* Adjustments to port merchant interactions and taxi payouts.

* Penalty for caught stealing reduced from 15% of exp to 10%.

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