March 2013


Sorry for not posting in a while, things have been pretty hectic with all the R&D going on here. As the two of you who read this blog may have noticed (hi, mom!) a lot of changes have been going on with Starport. Mostly I’ve been fixing things so they perform as originally intended, and addressing whatever players are complaining about most.

A galaxy with completely random planetary terrains was launched, The Taurean Sector. In this permanent galaxy, every planet has a unique terrain map to fly around on, set up defenses, and invade.

The Blitzkrieg galaxy has been updated to provide even more action packed combat around the clock, and is now one of the more popular galaxies!

Now I’m working on an interface that moderators can use to edit galaxies. They will be able to change where star systems are, which star systems are linked to others, planet placement and types, and other galaxy settings. Once this interface is in place, users will be allowed to create a galaxy of their own if they’re interested. Users could then vote on these galaxies to be the next one banged.



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