Summer 2011 way past beginning

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The title’s a take off on the last time i posted here, over a year ago. Now it’s past the summer solstice but still hot as hell.

So it’s been a blast the last few months on Starport. Yeah, it’s great working for like 36 hours straight without sleeping on a programming task, and then having “PurpleSmokah” tell you you do a half ass job on your patches. Thanks buddy you really brightened my day.

No but seriously, I love all the Starport community, those still playing, those who have moved on, and those who are yet to come. I just get frustrated sometimes and don’t feel like I have time to be nice to everybody.

I have a lot of shit to work on. I might have to do a back-end update to help support realtime alpha and scaling. That would help the graphics and compatibility. Boring though, also on the list is corbomite, spybots, space-based-solars called ion cannons, new power for the ion tower, double domes as separate colonies, shipyards upgrade to weapons factory and npc drone ships for corps, advertising, etc.) Oh there are also like 50 other potential work items on the list I can’t remember right now.

I hope everyone likes the quickbuttons in ports, I made them mainly for blitz. I realize they look like shit. A graphics update for them is on the list but i wanted to get the functionality out there asap. Please email me at support@starportgame.com or PM toonces on the forums (if you’re having trouble making a forums account send email to the above address about it).

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