Summer 2010 Begins


I spent most of the last week on Blitzkrieg and the new Old Republic Galaxy. For Blitzkrieg Season 2, I’m ferreting out various problems and shortcomings that were not addressed in season 1. So far the improvements have been beneficial, particularly the weakening of defense turrets which has helped tip the balance of power away from the team holding the colony. The Blitzkrieg game style remains a work in progress but looks more promising each day. Even I’m enjoying it though my rating seems to hover permanently below 930!

The Old Republic is a new galaxy featuring no asteroid belts and no ship modules or additional weapons. This server was requested by some of the veterans who were unhappy about the new balances brought on by the ability to custom fit ships with different modules and a third weapon type of any variety. In this galaxy all the ships are “stock outfitted” with 6 handling performance mods that all ships have and cannot change. The only thing that can change is the one “primary” weapon and one “scanners type.” This galaxy is designed for vets to enjoy themselves.

Next up on my to do list includes the ability to zoom the mini-map when on planet surfaces, which has been a long time coming. My upcoming tasks also include the creation of a new desktop icon, the continued improvement of Blitzkrieg, and updates to the graphics engine to pave the way for some graphics upgrades within the next month or two.

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