Linux Support Added to Starport: Galactic Empires

Linux, Starport

Our latest patch introduces support for the game to run in Linux. The emulator “wine” is required, which is free-ware you can find at www.winehq.org. We haven’t had time yet to extensively test the game this way, but we think it’s playable. Please let us know on the forums if you have any problems.

We also launched a new permaverse last weekend, called Perma 6 Invasion Wars, which quickly assumed its position as most popular galaxy like a new perma usually does. The theme of this galaxy is intense competition over limited resources and so we made a smaller galaxy with extra star bases and difficult colony settings. A lot of players are having fun and forming corps to compete in the new galaxy, but some players are lamenting the creation of another galaxy and debating on the forums that the increase in galaxies spreads the player base too thin.

Things we’re working on now include improving the accuracy of the network engine so that player to player movement is smoother, adding a territorial view to the galaxy map to show the size and location of empires, and adding the new artifact/item system that will offer a lot more artifacts, with a wider range of abilities, but finite lifespans.


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  1. Posted by Thavy on Saturday 2nd August

    what else will you plan on trying to impliment within the next month or so?

  2. Posted by CaffCoder on Monday 4th August

    I just posted what I’m working on, tho I am mostly done. I’ll post soon on what I’m about to tackle next.

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