May 2010


Improvements to the Ship Module system continue with other players’ ship profiles now visible publicly, including which modules their ship has mounted. More improvements are on the way including the ability to trade ship modules, the ability to sell them back to ports.

I’m also working on improvements to the Blitzkrieg style game. It is currently offline but scheduled to come back with some improvements in a week or two. Watch for a Beta period to begin and last for a week or two where i try to sort out some bugs.

I’m still closing down some of the older and less active galaxies. Frontier Wars will be closed, and Perma Pax will be re-banged soon.

I’ll also be adding customizable ship names into the Ship Status Page, so you’ll be able to name your ship and other people will see the ship name from time to time. The name will stay the same until you edit it again, regardless of buying a new ship or getting blown up.

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