Merry Blitzmas!


Well it’s two days til Christmas and Starport still isn’t finished! Corbomite has yet to be implemented as a ship equipment type. But the ship module system is up and running. I’m happy with the way it’s turning out even though some of the community has complained about Surface Missiles and Neutron Plating being a little too powerful, among others. Well, that’s why the dynamic pricing was introduced simultaneously… as a way to balance the power of certain modules by making them more expensive. To finish off the module system, I intend to make modules tradable between players, sellable at starports, and visible to others (possibly graphically but certainly in the info profiles).

Some of the re-bang galaxies have been made inactive in order to increase competition on the others. Some of the permaverses will probably come on hard times soon as well.

Blitzkrieg season 1 continues along until March 2010. We’re still working out some issues with this new game type, but so far interest has been high and we’ve had some nice games. CaffCoder, who was spearheading the Blitzkrieg galaxy type development has left the team for a while. But this gives me time to fix up some of the bugs and polish the experience.

I’m also working on compatibility issues to move Starport better into the new millennium. We will be upgrading the Starport code to offer better support for the lastest operating systems and video hardware.

After that we can get to some of the more fun-factor features that we want to get in there, including surveillance satellites, colonial shipyards, and… corbomite!

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