Major Patch Upcoming: Ship Modification and Economy


I’m currently working on a patch that will allow for a lot more configurability in ship types. Captains will be able to pick and choose up to six add-on modules for their ship. The modules will do things like increase cargo capacity, top speed, steering, thrusting, warp fuel efficiency, and additional weapons. So it will be possible to have a Dreamsower with six steering modules for great handling, or a Sethdar Cruiser with vulture missiles, for example.

To go along with this change and to help balance it, the general economy of the galaxy will be changing too. Prices for ships, hardware, and ship add-on modules will be floating rather than fixed. For example, the price of the Imperial Starship will not always be 1.5 million credits. Instead it could get as high as 100 million credits. The price will depend on how frequently players are buying that particular item. Thus, if an item is useful and becomes popular, its price will go up accordingly.

Look for this patch before the end of August.

CaffCoder is adding voice-overs to the Blitzkrieg galaxy so that you don’t have to look down at the chat to be informed of certain events like 1 minute remaining game! We also fixed a bug where promotion dollars were unlimited for the buyers. The promo bonusses were supposed to end after your first $50.00.


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