Blitzkrieg, Autopilot, and the Future

Game Design, Starport

Right now CaffCoder is hard at work finishing up the Blitzkrieg galaxy so that we can release it for real in a week or two. The players seem to really like this new casual galaxy that happens in discrete 20-minute game sessions. I personally like the fact that teams are chosen randomly and the rankings list ranks by team performance.

Thanks to Gothic-or-Punk for reporting a bug that Mr. CaffCoder overlooked in his implementation of the /spectate mode for players who want to be in the galaxy to observe but not compete on a team (or those who get automatically dropped from their team for inactivity). We look forward to a bug free release version of this exciting new Permaverse before July is out. Thanks to all the players who participated in the beta testing and for their suggestions and bug reports!

I’m currently working on improving the autopilot functioning for ships. This will allow the autopilot to traverse systems with asteroid belts without getting stuck. Players will also be able to set multi-point go-to commands by holding down the shift key while clicking, which will cause a new way-point to be added on to the autopilot path instead of replacing the old destination. This autopilotting will help the travel of the computer-controlled NPC ships as well.

On the horizon, we have several large areas of improvement we hope to get into as soon as possible. These are: Ship customization (to create a much greater range of possibility in ship construction), colonial shipyards as an upgrade to the weapons factory allowing colonies to build ships, more and wider variety of artifacts, and better looking interface screens.

As always, thanks for your continued interest in Starport, and your comments are always welcome.


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