The Ides of April


Tax day and I had to file an extension because Uncle Sam wants a grand or two more than I have right now. Buy some more tokens, we need your support!

One of the bigger problems with the galaxies has been inflation in the economy and lack of game balance. By inflation I mean the fact that after a galaxy reaches the age of two months or so, and many colonies have reached developed status where they are producing lots of money, the value of credits plummets due to the over-supply. This causes the prices of things like ships and hardware (which are fixed at an absolute value) to be irrelevant in terms of game balance. Another words, everyone has the best ships and weapons. Now, this can be fun, as is seen in the Classic style galaxies, but, it probably makes for a more interesting game if all of the ships and hardware have a use.

So in order to help figure this out we plan to introduce fluctuating prices for ships and hardware, kind of like what was done for the price of shields at ports. The more people buying up a certain type of ship or hardware, the higher the price will go (the starbases will actually produce these items in their inventory over time and the price will be based on the supply of each item). The prices will be rounded off to the nearest 5,000 for simplicity. This way, not only will the economy become a bit more realistic, we’ll be able to see exactly which ships and weapons are being used the most and we can think about improving the cheaper items.

If nothing can stop the build up of money supply, we may ultimately need to institute a scaled income tax that would tax the richer players over time.

I’m also working on a gambling game that can be played in any port. The game will be pretty simple but it will have a galaxy-wide jackpot so you can make some pretty good money if you get lucky. The odds are designed to be in favor of the house over the long-term though, so it will hopefully act as something of a money sink.

I’m hoping to fix up the autopilot to better deal with asteroid belts soon, too.

The Caffeinated Coder is working on improving the Blitzkrieg style game. The idea is to have a game that lasts more like 30 minutes than the previous setting of 4 hours. The game will feature a central planet or two that players fight for control over. These planets will give a lot of experience per second so they will be the main way to win the game. Players will get a lot of cash so they can concentrate on fighting.


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