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Right now I’m making a couple changes to the duel system. Someone posted on the forums a desire to have a more formal 1v1 system since this is a popular form of competition between players. I said that’s what the duel system is supposed to be for and people suggested that the amount of shields in duels be raised and the ability to use hardware allowed. So these changes are being implemented. Will this make the duel system more popular? We’ll see…

The caffeinated coder is working on what we hope will allow us to make January 2009 Starport Token Buyer Appreciation month. More specifically it’s a system where you can refer other players who are making their first admiral tokens purchase. Every player will receive a promotional code that they can tell to another player and get a bonus of 40% of the tokens the other player purchases, up to the first fifty dollars that person spends. Since we’ll probably consider everyone a first-time buyer when the system comes online, it will be like an appreciation month :)

Next up I’m hoping to balance some aspects of the economy by potentially making ship and hardware prices variable, introduce some sort of more advanced system of ship customization so that players can create more variety in the choices of ship to use, and probably introduce some new types of hardware that can be deployed.


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  1. Posted by nicopp on Thursday 8th January

    Well, yes the duel system has been critizised by many people who enjoy doing 1 on 1 deathmatches. However I´ve never agreed with the popular claims of a duel system that replace the actual deathmatches, I still believe they should be different things, and that they serve different purposes.

    As far as the hardware ideas you´ve commented, it sounds like a good way to lead things, however the excess of credits available thorought permanent galaxies is not due to hardware costs, but to credit generation.

    Finally, would like to know if you guys have decided wether the Emperor´s special power would be implemented or not?

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