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I’m excited as I type this post.  We are working on pulling servers statistics into a sql database onto the webserver.  What that means is that (the website will start crashing periodically :)) we can build tables of stuff like characters with the top 10 experience across all galaxies.  Or, for example, the people with the most npc kills or colony captures across all galaxies.  No more will you be limited to comparing yourself to players in your galaxy.  Sql will make the data accessable, searchable and sortable.  Also for the rebang players it will immortalize your achivement of the win of that bang of the server.

Those are the lofty goals, it will likely start small with stuff like experience, rep and the stuff you currently see in most player’s profiles.  The tables will expand from there.  I’m hoping this will lower the instances of multi-accounting by making you more attached to your character.  More scoreboards will mean more ways to compete and play starport and we’ll be looking for input as we develop this and it will be an ongoing process of us adding things to it as the game matures.

I’m currently working with Lovecraft to get this ball rolling and will happily update you with our progress.


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  1. Posted by Toonces on Wednesday 15th July

    So when is this getting implemented? ;)

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