Alt-tab and Windows key crashing

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I’ve noticed a couple of big threads on the forums about crashes when alt-tabbing.  I’ve added some more robustness to our render and how we handle the loss of focus.  I fixed the visual bug that occurs when you alt-tab on the login screen and the buttons stop drawing.  I also fixed an alt-tab crash.

I can’t promise this will fix all the alt-tab crashes but hopefully it lowers the rate at which they occur.  If you get a Starport crash:

1) Look for a thread that is related to what you were doing when you crashed, if its a bad bug there’s probably already a thread

2) Post your crash (the more posts we get the more serious we treat an issue).

3) Include what you were doing when it crashed, what OS you run, what video card you run, and most importantly the full text of any error message that you got.  Other things like ram/processor type/processor speed are good too but the stuff I listed above is a must have.


I’ll hopefully be getting back to looking at performance of the lasers soon.  Crashes take presidence over performance.


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