Asteroid Belts

Game Design, Starport

My latest and greatest idea that i intend to implement straightaway is asteroid belts! This is only the first part of a broad change to star system geographies intended to increase realism and make deep space combat more interesting.

Right now there are few obstacles in space. This makes tactics a bit boring as the edge generally just goes to the faster ships and the ones with superior weapon range. By adding in some obstacles, such as asteroid belts and space station panelling, I hope to create a wider variety of combat tactics.

The belts will be circular walls essentially, with holes in them. Some belts may have many holes, or very wide holes spanning great arclengths of the orbital ring, while others may be very dense and closed off with few holes. Some belts will probably even be around planets, in what would normally be a moon’s orbital.

I’m wanting to introduce more stuff that is from actual observed astronomy. One thing that I want to implement which i think might be cool is binary stars, which in the real, observed universe, represent a large percentage of star systems. I also wish to implement different star systems sizes, so that some can be bigger than others, and i might experiment with increasing the gravitational constant, or reversing it for a “hill” effect rather than a “valley” effect.


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