Peering into the memory pool

Development, Starport

My last post titled garbage week proved to be prophetic.  Aaron(Toonces) and I spent all week figuring out why starport was chewing through so much memory.  It turns out, we haven’t a clue.  On the brighterside we’ve mostly fixed the problem.  We can only speculate on what it was… We turned off sound and disabled the chat bar and some other large sections of code and floated around for hours on the new perma watching memory usage go up.  Then we ran it through Glowcode 6.2 and it pointed to several functions that seemed to be holding onto large chunks of ram.  It was the damage sprites and the thrust sprites in the game that appeared to be chewing through the ram.  We looked and looked but found no leaks.  We were allocating and deallocating the sprites in what appeared to be a proper way.  So we re-wrote a lot of the code making it more efficient and the problem went away.  The way we were doing things before, although slower, shouldn’t have been making the memory usage go up but who knows.

So probably not as many cool new things in the near future, but better performance and less memory usage and the ability to play for 12 hours non-stop :). 


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