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Window Mode


We will be adding an option to the game to allow players to run the game in windowed mode instead of full-screen if so desired. This should help support more players with different monitor types. The asteroid belts are soon to come as well.

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Memory issues

Development, News, Starport

We found some memory issues that we cleaned up and will be patching in hopefully today.  Some people were using up tons of memory while running the game and freezing up.  We should have that fixed now. CaffCoder

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Fun stuff

Game Design, Starport, Upcoming

I’m excited as I type this post.  We are working on pulling servers statistics into a sql database onto the webserver.  What that means is that (the website will start crashing periodically :)) we can build tables of stuff like characters with the top 10 experience across all galaxies.  Or, for example, the people with the […]

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Alt-tab and Windows key crashing

Development, Starport

I’ve noticed a couple of big threads on the forums about crashes when alt-tabbing.  I’ve added some more robustness to our render and how we handle the loss of focus.  I fixed the visual bug that occurs when you alt-tab on the login screen and the buttons stop drawing.  I also fixed an alt-tab crash. […]

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