Summer 2011 way past beginning

Game Design, News, Starport, Upcoming

The title’s a take off on the last time i posted here, over a year ago. Now it’s past the summer solstice but still hot as hell. So it’s been a blast the last few months on Starport. Yeah, it’s great working for like 36 hours straight without sleeping on a programming task, and then […]

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Fun stuff

Game Design, Starport, Upcoming

I’m excited as I type this post.  We are working on pulling servers statistics into a sql database onto the webserver.  What that means is that (the website will start crashing periodically :)) we can build tables of stuff like characters with the top 10 experience across all galaxies.  Or, for example, the people with the […]

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Garbage Week

Development, Starport, Upcoming

The Starport client appears to be leaking so now that the email stuff is done I will tackle the leaks.  That way we all can enjoy at least 12 uninterrupted hours of starport without rebooting our machines. For the developers out there, I’m using visual studio 2005 and it comes with a built-in leak detector which makes […]

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Email support thanks

Development, Starport, Upcoming

Sweet, a blog! Now I can spout out what I’m working on and what I’m about to be working on and spew game design ideas in more transparent fashion.   Back on topic… I was talking to Sinistrad and he was complaining about in-game emails and having to check them on every server in the game.  So […]

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