Summer 2011 way past beginning

Game Design, News, Starport, Upcoming

The title’s a take off on the last time i posted here, over a year ago. Now it’s past the summer solstice but still hot as hell. So it’s been a blast the last few months on Starport. Yeah, it’s great working for like 36 hours straight without sleeping on a programming task, and then […]

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Blitzkrieg, Autopilot, and the Future

Game Design, Starport

Right now CaffCoder is hard at work finishing up the Blitzkrieg galaxy so that we can release it for real in a week or two. The players seem to really like this new casual galaxy that happens in discrete 20-minute game sessions. I personally like the fact that teams are chosen randomly and the rankings […]

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Fun stuff

Game Design, Starport, Upcoming

I’m excited as I type this post.  We are working on pulling servers statistics into a sql database onto the webserver.  What that means is that (the website will start crashing periodically :)) we can build tables of stuff like characters with the top 10 experience across all galaxies.  Or, for example, the people with the […]

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Designing Performance

Game Design, Starport

Laser turrets are cool. Unfortunately the stuff that makes them cool is the stuff that cause huge performance hits. The problem is they can collide with things and they are rotated which can be slow. This can cause us to do tons of calculations between frames, checking for collisions, doing rotation calculations, etc. on huge […]

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Asteroid Belts

Game Design, Starport

My latest and greatest idea that i intend to implement straightaway is asteroid belts! This is only the first part of a broad change to star system geographies intended to increase realism and make deep space combat more interesting. Right now there are few obstacles in space. This makes tactics a bit boring as the […]

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